Welcome to Office of Pr.CCA,CBDT, Ministry of Finance,Sh.Deepak Das, ICAS is the Pr.CCA
The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts (Pr. CCA) is the apex authority of the accounting organisation of the Central Board of Direct Taxes.  Under the Departmentalized set up, the Pr.CCA, CBDT has been assigned the functions relating to accounting of all receipts and refunds pertaining to the Direct Taxes, the expenditure relating to Income Tax Departments and conducting internal audit for the Income Tax Department, its attached offices and the Banks engaged in direct tax work.  Pr.CCA, CBDT also oversees and monitors the overall banking operations in regard to collection and refund of direct taxes and their reconciliation & remittance to the Government account.  It also renders financial and technical advice to the Ministry of Finance on matters relating to collection, accounting, remittance and reconciliation of direct taxes.  The Pr. CCA, CBDT has 52 Zonal Accounts Offices (ZAO) all over the country to discharge the aforesaid responsibilities. .....
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Last Updated on: 27/11/2020
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