Expenditure Accounting

Last Updated On: 16/03/2016

The Expenditure Accounts of the Central Board of Direct Taxes represent the total picture of receipts and disbursements under Revenue, Capital & Public Accounts Heads in respect of Income Tax Department. The Revenue disbursements reflect the total Expenditure (Charged & Voted).  The Revenue Receipts  show the total non-tax revenue like interest receipts, license fee CGHS and CGEIS Receipts and so on as also the tax revenue on account of the ’Central Tax Deducted at Source’ from the salary and contractors’ bills. The Capital disbursements show the expenditure incurred on acquisition of immovable properties under Chapter XXC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (MH 4075), of ready built office accommodation (MH 4059), of ready built flats for Income Tax Employees (MH 4216).  The recoveries on account of sale of immovable properties under Chapter XXC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 are also adjusted against the disbursement under M.H. 4075. Hence, only net effect is shown in the Accounts.

While   the  Statement  of  Central Transactions  of  Revenue and    Expenditure   Accounts  of  C.B.D.T. are prepared  separately, these  are  put together in the Finance   Accounts which  depicts  balances lying under Debt, Deposit, Suspense & Remittances Heads.

Contingency Fund of India

No advances are being drawn by CBDT from the Contingency Fund of India.

Preparation of Monthly Accounts

The monthly accounts are compiled by the Zonal Accounts Offices on the basis of vouchers and receipt/payment scrolls in compact received from the accredited Bank Branch and Field Pay Units (FPUs). The compiled Accounts are than submitted to the Principal Accounts Office.   The Pr.A.O. Office   consolidates the Accounts received from all the ZAOs and sends the same to the Office of Controller General of Accounts by all 52 ZAOs through E-lekha.

Appropriation Accounts

The  Office  of  Pr.CCA , prepares  the  Head-wise  Appropriation  Accounts  in  respect of ’Grant No.  42-Direct Taxes’.  In  this  Grant,  two  major  heads viz., ’ 2020- Collection of Taxes  on   Income    and    Expenditure’    and   ’2031 �Collection   of   Taxes  on   Wealth  Tax, Security Transaction Tax and  Other Tax .  In the Capital  Section  three  Major Heads  viz.,  ’4075- Capital   Outlay  on   Miscellaneous   General Services’, ’4059- Capital  Outlay  on  Public Works’ and ’4216-Capital Outlay on Housing’ are operated.

Collection Charges

The Expenditure on collection of various Direct Taxes booked under the Minor Head   ’Direction  and Administration’, ’Collection   Charges -Income - Tax’ and ’Other   Expenditure’   below  the Major Head ’2020’. At the end of financial year, the total expenditure is proportionately allocated as collection    against   various   categories  viz.,   Income  Tax,  Corporation   Tax, Taxes on Wealth   Tax, Security Transaction Tax and Other Tax etc. on the basis of formula assigned  by the  C.B.D.T. Collection charges relating to Taxes on  Wealth, Security Transaction Tax and Other Tax  are  then  deducted  from the Major Head ’2020’ and transferred to the  Major Head ’2031’.