CFMS and Kar Samiksha

Last Updated On: 16/03/2016

Challan File Movement System (CFMS)

Principal Chief Controller of Accounts authorises banks and designated branches, to collect direct tax and remit to Government accounts. The assesses or taxpayers can pay Income or other direct taxes through these authorised Bank branches physically or through ATM or internet. Challans are filled mentioning the mandatory details to be filled by the taxpayers, which are  PAN/ TAN, name and address of the taxpayer, Assessment Year, Major Head, Minor Head and Type of Payment. The banks upload the challan details of receipt of direct taxes electronically on the web portal called CFMS (

CFMS ( is an interface between all authorized banks and ZAOs. Link Cell of the Banks (single point upload for a bank)  upload a text file containing all the details of challans , scrolls , refunds and DMS for direct collections for all  the52 ZAOs on CFMS Central Server  hosted at NIC centre Hyderabad .

Subsequently, the ZAO login to and download the files pertaining to them toincorporate the details in the RAMS (REVENUE ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM). RAMS is an offline system of receipt accounting of this office which validates the data before incorporation in the accounts. After the required validation checks, the files get incorporated and a report of file incorporation is prepared and is available in the CFMS for MIS purposes. During the required validation check, if any error is noticed in the text file, then RAMS generates an error file which ZAOs subsequently upload on the CFMS Central Server for the concerned Bank. Concerned Banks download the error file, correct it and subsequently upload the corrected file. This file is again downloaded by ZAO and same process as detailed above is repeated till the files are found to be acceptable.