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Finance Accounts

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Last Updated On: 09/03/2016
The Finance Accounts of the CBDT comprises of the accounts of the CBDT as a whole. It presents the accounts of receipts and outflows of the CBDT for the year together with the financial results disclosed by different accounts and other data coming under examination. These accounts include the Revenue and Capital Account, Public Debt account and other liabilities and assets worked out from the balances in the accounts.
The Finance Accounts comprises of two Parts - Part I and Part II. Part I presents the summarized statements in  respect of Revenue, Capital, Debt, Deposit, Suspense and Remittances transactions and Contingency Fund, while Part II has   detailed statements in respect of these transaction, along with other related statements.

The basic inputs for compilation of Finance Accounts are taken from:-
  1. Statement of Central Transactions
  2. Journal Entries 
  3. Prior Period Adjustments, if any 
  4. Proforma Adjustments, if any and
  5. Progressive figures upto the end of the previous year.