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Last Updated On: 16/03/2016
Participating banks having net banking facilities will allocate one particular branch as the Internet Collection Branch for receiving/accounting tax payments made through internet. The website of participating banks will display the PAN/TAN details, Name, Major/Minor head etc. of the challan form in non-modifiable format and allow only entry of payment details by the taxpayer at their website in a secure mode. They will also ensure that an completion of the transaction, the taxpayer is allotted a Unique Challan Identification Number(CIN) comprising of BSR code of the Internet Collection branch, the date of receipt and serial number of the electronic challan in that branch on that day. The Banks will also print details of CIN in the customer’s bank account statement/pass book so that the taxpayer will have a permanent record of CIN details. The blackout period, during which the facility for tax payment over bank’s website is disabled will depend upon the bank’s operational policies and will be bank specific. Such black out timings will be displayed on the bank’s site for the information of the taxpayer.