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Last Updated On: 16/03/2016

Cheque Drawing DDOs: 

  • All the required accounts records are maintained in the prescribed forms
  • Payments made by the Cheque Drawing DDOs are in accordance with the rules and orders governing them, with correct arithmetical calculations and proper recoveries/deductions made from the bills. It will further be checked whether the List of Payments with paid vouchers are sent by them every week to the concerned PAO by the prescribed dates, and as per given instructions
  • Pay fixations are done correctly
  • The weekly accounts of receipts with duplicate copies of challans are being sent to the concerned PAO
  • Purchases are made as per rules and orders governing them and the reasons recorded for the
  • cases where lowest quotations are not accepted
  • All sub-vouchers pertaining to contingent charges/bills that are not required to be sent to the PAO are available in the office, are otherwise in order and properly cancelled
  • GPF/CPF accounts of Group `D’ employees are maintained properly
  • The instructions relating to the processing and submission of pension cases are observed
  • Verification through vouchers etc that payment entries are made properly in the Pay Bill Register for the advances drawn, and that the recoveries are being effected regularly from the concerned Government servants. The correctness of entries should also be checked in the monthly abstracts of recoveries, especially those relating to `transfer in’ and `transfer out’ cases
  • Every Personal Deposit Account in the Ministry/Department is alive and in operation.
  • All instructions relating to Defined Contribution Pension Scheme including maintenance of PayBill Register, Pay Bills etc are strictly followed.